(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person, persons, company or corporation to own, maintain or operate within the city limits of the City of Bucklin, Kansas a junk yard, wrecking yard, junk heap, junk shop or junk business unless such business is carried on entirely inside a building or buildings, or unless the premises on which such business is carried on be entirely enclosed by a solid-built fence, at least seven feet in height, and said fence must be approved by the governing body. Such fence shall be maintained in a neat, substantial safe condition and shall be painted. Gates for access to said premises shall swing inwardly and such gates shall be kept closed unless the premises are open for business.

(b)   All premises used as a junk yard, wrecking yard, or junk shop, shall be kept in as clean, sanitary and neat condition as such business will reasonably permit. Any person operating a junk yard, wrecking yard, or junk shop shall maintain the premises so used so that rats, vermin and fire hazards are as far as practicable reduced to a minimum.

(c)   The work junk is hereby defined to mean old discarded automobiles, tractors, utensils, machinery implements, and all other old iron or other material commonly known as junk.

(d)   That any person or persons, company or corporation, or members officers or managers of a company or corporation violating sections (a) or (b) shall be punished by a fine in the sum not exceeding $100.00 and the cost of the prosecution thereof and shall stand committed to the jail of the city or the county jail until the fine and costs are paid.

(e)   It is hereby made the duty of the city marshal to see that sections (a) and (b) are enforced.

(Ord. 177; Code 2017)